Has your website failed to live up to expectations?
Was your once great website snakebitten by a search engine update?

This webinar will give you the tools to make key decisions as to whether it’s worthwhile to try and rehabilitate an underperforming website, or, from a cost-benefit standpoint, whether it may be better to get a fresh start.

We’ll discuss historic activities and signs that may suggest that you do one thing or the other.

A note to registrants: To prepare for this webinar, we suggest that you compile a complete history of who has worked on your website, and what services you’ve paid them for. The reason for this is that some services that attorneys buy in an attempt to boost their web presence (such as SEO and link building) can ultimately be counterproductive and cause permanent damage.

This webinar will give you the tools to make the triage decision of whether or not your existing website deserves more of your time, attention and money.

Join us to learn what you can do to ensure your website is helping — and not hindering — your law firm’s business.