Playback: How to Get in the Marketing Mindset for Your Web Content

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Getting into the “marketing mindset” when writing your website content means understanding what your potential clients need, and how to provide that in a way that encourages them to hire you. For many attorneys, striking a balance between informative yet approachable writing can be challenging – especially when it comes to complex legal concepts. Yet, the effectiveness of your law firm website depends on your content efforts that help your firm show up in more relevant and local web searches.

Whether you’re just getting started creating content for your website or you’re looking to optimize your content to drive more business, it can be difficult to know how you can best target your ideal client online.

Watch the replay of "How to Get in the Marketing Mindset for Your Web Content" where we cover:

  • The basics of content marketing for SEO
  • Local marketing strategy for law firms
  • Tips for improving the readability of your web content
  • Common content marketing mistakes


Drew Mancini

Content Marketing Manager, LawLytics

Drew Mancini is the Content Marketing Manager at LawLytics. She has a background as a marketing consultant for solos and small law firms, and she enjoys making marketing more accessible and enjoyable for attorneys by creating resources that demystify successful marketing practices.

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