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Is your current website professional, responsive and optimized for speed, search, and readability? Is it easy to update and does it seamlessly integrate with other technology you use to power your firm? Is your site built out with high-quality content? If you can’t answer a definitive yes to all of the above, your website needs attention.

We’re joined by LawLytics VP of Product Rachel Chalot to answer all your questions and show you how LawLytics is the ultimate, done-for-you website solution for solos and small law firms.

Watch the replay of "Live Demo and Q&A" where we cover:

  • Main features of the platform that help you get the most out of your law firm website
  • A look into our built-in content generation tool
  • Common questions and concerns from potential members


Drew Mancini

Content Marketing Manager, LawLytics

Drew Mancini is the Content Marketing Manager at LawLytics. She has a background as a marketing consultant for solos and small law firms, and she enjoys making marketing more accessible and enjoyable for attorneys by creating resources that demystify successful marketing practices.

Rachel Chalot

VP of Product, LawLytics

Rachel Chalot is the VP of Product at LawLytics. She worked as a criminal defense attorney before joining LawLytics in 2014. Today, she focuses on building tools that eliminate the unnecessary marketing burden on solos and small law firms and allow attorneys the freedom to focus on what matters most.

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