Search engine optimization (SEO), like poker, is a game of probability. A poker player can gauge their probability of winning a hand based on the cards they hold, but can only speculate about their opponents’ cards.

Similarly, attorneys can offer quality website content to be served up on search engine results pages (SERPs), but search engine algorithm details remain secrets of the companies that own them. Attorneys must therefore rely on educated guesses as to how their websites’ information will be interpreted by those algorithms.

There is an element of chance at play in card games. But the best players are those who work the odds in such a way that they win more than they lose. In fact, some professional poker players make a lucrative income playing cards, despite the odds against them.

This eBook, the first in our Summer of SEO series, will show you that SEO is a winnable game -- and that attorneys who tend to “win” are the ones who stack the odds in their favor.

Download "SEO Tactics For Attorneys: Playing the Game to Win" and learn how to play the SEO game, and make sure that the odds are leveraged to your advantage.