Keyword stuffing, duplicate content, link schemes, sneaky redirects…there are plenty of ways to get in trouble with Google. As Google gets smarter, it’s getting harder for shady SEO providers to “outsmart” the search engine giant.

But even if you’re not intentionally trying to fool Google, you may not know that you — or an SEO provider — are putting your website at risk. Whether you’re doing your law firm’s SEO or someone else is, violating Google’s search guidelines can be a major concern for your law firm’s web presence.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss dangerous web practices that can sink your law firm.

By learning about what can put your law firm’s website at risk, you’ll be able to avoid mistakes that can hurt your site’s rankings, traffic, and ultimately, your business. By learning and implementing best practices, you may find your website being rewarded with better rankings, targeted traffic, and more business to your firm.