Webinar Type: Live

Cost: Free

Registration: Open to all solo and small firm lawyers and their staff. Space is limited, so register early.

Title: Taking Control of Your Online Marketing in 2019 With LawLytics

Run Time: 20 minutes of information-rich and actionable information, followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers.

Overview: Will 2019 be the year you decide to take control of your law firm's online marketing? Are you ready to grow your marketing without the limitations of general DIY software, without the high prices and empty promises of marketing agencies, and without becoming dependent on costly PPC advertising? Are you ready to stop compromising by delegating your website to directory companies that have conflicts of interests with your firm's website (because your site's success means their failure)? This webinar will show you how to succeed in 2019 with LawLytics.

What We'll Cover:

  • How LawLytics makes your online marketing more effective.
  • How LawLytics makes your online marketing more affordable.
  • How LawLytics makes your online marketing more transparent.
  • The process and logistics of starting and growing with LawLytics.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?

This webinar is for small firm lawyers and their staff who are interested in learning more about how LawLytics will help their firm grow their online marketing.

Can't Attend the Webinar Live?

Register anyway. We'll send you a recording of the webinar and the webinar slides that you'll be able to view anytime on demand.